EFFEX - Versatile. Clear. Flawless.


Holzdecke mit Frau

Verbindungsprinzip: Keilzinkung
Connection principle: Finger jointing

Just imagine that you had a beautiful solid pine panel, completely KNOTLESS, its grain utterly CLEAR and LINEAR, with a uniform and EVEN appearance across its entire 5 METRE length. Thanks to its special construction it can be used in LARGE AREAS applications and is outstandingly DIMENSIONALLY STABLE. It is SIMPLE and QUICK to use, and no new-fangled tools are needed to work with it.

So you may be asking whether such extraordinary material is AFFORDABLE and if you can GET HOLD OF IT QUICKLY.

The answer is, yes - the REMA EFFEX panel.

  • Knotless
  • clear
  • dimensionally stable