EFFEX Effect - the principle of simplicity.


EFFEX - in collaboration with Stora Enso, the Finnish wood products company, we have developed a new kind of material for our panelling.

EFFEX is a Stora Enso invention and is based on pure Nordic pine that is brought up to a very high standard of quality in the course of certain targeted processing steps. What arises is the interaction between thousands of small wood particles of different kinds that, when combined, connect to one another in a homogeneous and simple manner. As a central element we use a delicate yet visible, highly precise finger-jointing technique. Rema gives this material both form and strength - with Rema EFFEX multilayer panelling.

Rema EFFEX panels are completely knotless and simple in structure. Their dimensions mean that they are ideally suited to panelling large areas in a way that preserves homogeneity without sacrificing individuality. In hotels, restaurants, shopping centres or even in private homes looking for that extra touch of class. Nor does their use stop there - they also offer as yet undreamed-off possibilities in furniture construction and interior design. The tried and tested method of crosswise gluing gives the panels the required internal strength. Just like all other widely available solid wood panels, they are easy to work and come with all the advantages of wood, that most brilliant of materials.